Ryer the river otter is basically just like a human teenager — he loves snacks and hanging with his buds, and he really hates being woken up in the mornings.

 Just watch his reaction when marine biologist Dani Estes, Ryer's caretaker comes in to wake him up. First he shoots her a death glare ....

And then he full-on yells at her before shoving his head under the blanket and going back to sleep. Watch the whole video — and turn up the volume so you can really hear Ryer's complaints.

Communication: River otters can produce a snarling growl or hissing bark when bothered, and a shrill whistle when in pain. When at play or traveling, they sometimes give off low, purring grunts. The alarm call, given when shocked or distressed by potential danger, is an explosive snort, made by expelling air through the nostrils.

River otters also may use a birdlike chirp for communication over longer distances, but the most common sound heard among a group of otters is low-frequency chuckling


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  1. LOL so cute Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cute little thing :)

  3. Unknown says:

    I understand exactly how he feels and what he is saying. Terrific clip.��

  4. love otters..a great little video..thank u.

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