One of the things we love most about our dogs is the fact that they are always happy to see us.

They can be moody at times, but it’s never long before their wagging tail and big goofy smile returns. The same can’t always be said for people. For example, if you were to wake a person up from a nap, they’d probably be upset with you for interrupting their precious dreams. But when you wake up a dog, they’re up and ready to play in no time at all!

Just take a look at Izzy the Pit Bull. Now, we can tell Izzy was really exhausted when she fell asleep because she didn’t even have the strength to put her tongue back in her mouth. When her humans attempt to wake her up, it looks like Izzy has no intention of leaving doggy dream land … and we’re a little concerned she will be a bit miffed with her people for waking her. But instead, she wakes up and greets her dad in the most adorable way possible!

Some people fear Pit Bulls because they have been given a bad reputation for being aggressive due to their use in dog fighting rings. However, every dog is an individual, and if they are raised by responsible, loving guardians, Pit Bulls are just as sweet and gentle as any other breed – look at Izzy! It is true that nothing is stronger than the bond between a dog and their guardian, and no stereotype can change that.

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