Now that's a wild cat: The incredible pictures of Burma the feline adventurer who spent two years scaling America's most iconic peaks (and became a social media star along the way)

This feline has gone places most humans can only dream of.

Instagram-famous, Burma the cat, has spent two and a half years scaling some of America's most iconic peaks alongside owner Stephen Simmons and dog companion, Puppi.

The two-year-old cat has racked up a huge 26,000 followers on social media during his adventures through snow, wind and rain. Simmons, who lives in Oregon, USA, revealed Burma has been interested in mountaineering since a very young age.

Stephen, 49, adopted eight-week-old Burma from a homeless woman during the winter months of 2013. He carried the cat on a short walk into the forest before setting him - where surprisingly, the moggy appeared extremely comfortable.

Since then, the pair - along with Puppi - have documented their travels from peaks in California and Oregon to across the East Coast. Burma has even paid a visit to Central Park.

Responses to "The incredible pictures of an adventurous house cat who loves being wild and free"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent pictures .. what a great life for all

  2. Lell says:

    Hahaha brilliant, thats one lucky cat!

  3. jennifer says:

    She's awesome. Where can I get a cat like that? She looks similar to a beloved cat I had

  4. Unknown says:

    The scenery is just wonderful even the cat seems to appreciate it!

  5. Kay says:


  6. Unknown says:

    I'm not even surprised to discover this is a cow Kittus (Maximus)
    I'm beginning to believe every one i've ever met is an Elder come back to be an excellent companion & teacher. What an adventure you're had together.
    What a gift!

  7. Barbara says:

    what a wonderful story and what a lovely cat

  8. Unknown says:

    Do you ever have to leash him? I know if my kitty was left for one moment, i pity the poor lizard or insects or quail, ANYTHING !!!

  9. Unknown says:

    You're living my ideal dream,...someday.May you continue endlessly on this most enlightening and admirable journey.

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