You've probably never seen so many bald eagles in one place.

 Bald eagles might be scarce in the lower 48 of the United States, but the noble national bird is in abundance in the unusually named and lovely town of Unalaska, Alaska.

 Typically depicted as noble lone hunters, bald eagles will be happy to accept a free lunch just like the rest of us would. This flash mob of angry birds apparently couldn't pass up their favorite food.

Apparently, word got out among the eagles that it was lunchtime. Can you blame them? Free food!

According to video owner "there is a box of fish in the back of this truck and the eagles have discovered it! They are all fighting to get to the fish in the box. Since the fish was frozen they weren't able to get too much of the fish and the owner of the truck was very glad about that! There is never a dull moment in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska with the eagles around!"


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    they wont do that again lol , new paint job to ,lol

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