Photographer Chris Bray finds the perfect place for his camera capturing this curious lion cub on a safari in Kenya.

Even big cats can get curious once in a while — especially when they aren’t quite so big yet. Most things in life need to be learned at some point and the process can often lead to challenging, frustrating and awkward moments.

But this footage of a baby lion attempting to master his roar is nothing short of heart-warming.

Captured in a short video, the tiny creature emerges from the long grass and takes a few tentative steps forward with his head pointing to the ground.

Once in position he lifts his little head and opens his mouth wide in a bid to roar loudly like the majestic animal he will one day be.

NOTE: Kenya’s lions occur across an estimated 19% of the country including significant areas outside of formally protected sites such as National Parks and Nature Reserves. In 2013 best estimates from the Kenya Wildlife Service suggested that roughly 2,000 lions remain.


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