Little Cub Tries Really Hard To Impress Older Lioness

Babies are babies no matter the species, and, like most babies, this little lion cub doesn't care that he's annoying the crap out of his aunt when he plays with her tail to get her attention.

Eventually he goes a little too far trying to play catch-the-tail, and gives it a little nip. That's when the older lioness decides she's had just about enough and walks away.

This cub and his sibling are 6 weeks old, and they live in Kruger National Park in South Africa. They're really young, so they have plenty of time to, um, work on their social skills ...

Truly the flagship of the South African national parks, Kruger is home to an impressive number of species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians - , 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals. Where nearly 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights - this is real Africa.


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