Three adorable dingo puppies have shown off their unique personalities in a new video welcoming them to an Australian Wildlife center.

 Archie, the first male alpine dingo at Australia wildlife center, has a soft creamy white coat and has been described as the most independent of the three. The smallest of the three, Eve, has been described as ‘little miss confidence,’ and is ready to explore every inch of her new home.

The three little dingo puppies, have been named after renowned indigenous Australian’s, Archie Roach, Gubbi-Gubbi elder Eve Fessel and Painter Albert Namatjira.

Despite their small stature, dingos are known to grow between 13 to 24 kilos, while males, like Archie will remain heavier than their female counterparts. Dingos are found mostly in mainland Australia and generally remain in woodland, grassland, desert and tropical regions.

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  1. Unknown says:

    They are precious! Thank you for being there, guys!

  2. Can I have one? They are precious and surely very intelligent as they are not an overbred hybrid breed.

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