John McLain is a hero who manged, while wearing a camera, to get ahold of this deer and cut it free.

He got a call about an entangled white-tailed deer buck near Orofino, a small town about 45 miles east of Lewiston. McLain arrived and found the animal jumping and bucking, desperately trying to escape a massive wad of baling twine on its antlers and leg.

McLain’s first attempt to save the deer was unsuccessful. And on the second try, he decided to turn on his Vidmate body camera, a device normally used for liability reasons when conservation officers fulfill their enforcement duties.

“I kicked it [the camera] on just to see what happens,” he said. “If it turned out bad, it probably wouldn’t have made it on the Internet.”

Luckily, the second attempt didn’t turn out bad. As the video clip shows, the deer got exhausted struggling with the twine and laid on the ground to rest. In the video, it almost seemed like the wild animal knew the conservation officer was there to help. As McLain used a knife to remove the twine, the deer patiently laid on the ground.

Afterward, the deer jumped back on its hooves and made its way back into the woods.


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