Gorgeous pictures show young cub throwing some shapes for the gulls on the beach in Alaska

 The special moment was captured by wildlife photographer Mark Sisson, from Newport, Shropshire, who spotted the charismatic bear showing off his disco moves on the ice.

Recalling the moment he managed to snap the furry diva, Mr Sisson said: 'The 'dance' lasted only a few seconds before he went back onto all fours and rather sheepishly returned to Mum.'

Making a disco-friendly circular motion with its left paw, the bear's 'special shimmy' as Mark described it, happened twice as the large animal joyfully boogied away with the bird.

After all its dancing and showing off, the tired bear headed back to his mother for a well deserved rest.

Time for a worth earned rest: The brown bear finished his routine and returned to the side of one of its parents

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    The gull doesn't look impressed, lol

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