A newborn photo shoot in the woods turned out to be even more adorable than planned when a deer made a surprise appearance.

 Photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was snapping 1-month-old Connor sleeping on a stack of hay and surrounded by pumpkins at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, La., when the deer — known as Maggie — dropped by.

“Maggie lives in the woods and is known to show up during photo shoots,” Rion, a mother of one, tells Yahoo Parenting. “She has a reputation for it and parents even request that she come to shoots, but I let them know there’s no guarantee.”

In fact, Maggie is just one of the deer that roam free in the park, along with raccoons, who often also angle for camera time. “Maggie was hand-fed as a baby, so she’s very comfortable with people,” says Rion. “But I always make sure that we have one hand right near the baby, because she is a wild animal.”

Rogers was in awe, says Rion, adding that she and her assistant lured Maggie over with an ear of corn. Picture perfect.


Responses to "Deer Photobombs Baby’s Photoshoot And Turns It Into A Fairytale"

  1. Nalissa says:

    Thank you White Wolf. You always have great stories and pictures.
    Baby is so cute! Mom is probably very happy with the photo shoot.
    Peace and Love

  2. GNS1992 says:


  3. TexasLady says:

    Such a picture to cherish! Lovely!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you know how young deer play? I watch them all the time - they suddenly spin around and kick. Happy the baby wasn't kicked in the head and killed.

  5. Diana says:

    I love this beautfiful photo, and Anonymous - you didn't read the article properly. This deer was hand-raised and well known to the photographer. Also the lady kept close and a hand on the baby while Maggie the deer sniffed it.

  6. Kip says:

    Anonymous, that is with other deer though, and they are playing WITH each other. not humans. As long as you don't feed them they should be fine!

  7. Unknown says:

    How irresponsible. Relieved nothing bad happened to the baby. Really stupid to take such azad chance with a wild animal.

  8. Kip says:

    you do realize that they stated that it was SMEI-Wild.. not completely wild.. this deer is USED TO HUMAN CONTACT!!

  9. Tressa says:

    You noticed the only ones complaining are “Anonymous” and “Unknown”? Get a life you two... sheesh! These pictures are beautiful.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh god I can't stop laughing at the way the hands grab the baby's legs - just imagining it getting WHOOSHED/yanked outta frame by it's fat little legs LOL

  11. Kip says:

    Anonymous, creepy enough?

  12. Sharon says:

    Hopefully the deer is in a protected area. Not good for their safety to be so tame around people.

  13. Kip says:

    A protected park

  14. Cheryl says:

    Amazing, beautiful photo shoot. What an awesome photo.

  15. Hope my name doesnt not show up because I've raised deer from the time they were born till the time they were released back.
    All the love I had with these animals was magical.
    And so as children play with their parents so do deer just having fun.
    I've been hicked more then 20 times and a handful landed my jaw my forehead and my eye which sucked more then you know but couldn't be mad they are jus th kids.
    The one kick I got to a rib fucked me for about a two weeks cause it was cracked.
    I agree it was careless for the baby to be that close even with hand raised deer.
    Even small puppy's bite and draw blood sometimes but all they th iij no worries is they are playing.
    They are animals this is what they do and they bleed at yo uh ng ages learning how to play and grow.
    Deer dont play with their mouths like dogs they headbutt and kick each other that's what they do.
    So yes its irresponsible but that's not so much the fault if the parent for if they haven't raised said animals they dont know the factors and unlike the pets were used to having.
    You would assume hand raised by humans they will be fine but no I'm sorry animal instincts are animal instincts and we will never take that from them.

  16. Silly!!! says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    These photos are gorgeous.
    It's amazing to see these little moments
    Ignore the people freaking out. Everyone's gotta freak out about everything these days.

  18. Wow all these rude people on here. This was very lovely.

  19. Silly!!!--1. All caps don't make you right but they do make you look quite silly. 2. No one planned on the deer. It was by chance. 3. No one here needs to make any excuses to you for anything. They aren't living their lives according to your word.

  20. Unknown says:

    While I can appreciate the fact that the the photographer wanted to get a great picture, which it was, this was a baby along side a wild animal and anything could have happened!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    holy f*** lucky the deer didn't EAT the baby ALIVE...

  22. Anonymous says:

    So many of you people need to pick up a book or read an article wherever you can find it. Deer are herbivores. A bird or bug would have been more of a danger to that baby.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am glad the human baby lived and was not a deer snack. Everyone knows you should never trust a deer with human babies!!!

  24. Tay says:


  25. Unknown says:

    these are beautiful pictures

  26. LORA says:

    Did yall read the article or Nah?!?! Dosnt seem like it. This is too cute! ❤

  27. Awesome picture! ❤️

  28. Unknown says:

    The deer was probably just curious about what it was.

    It was use to human contact and probably never seen a baby human so it had to check it out.

  29. Unknown says:

    Why don't you assholes get a life read if you can the deer is tame yes any animal can attack .she was right beside of the baby if needed to get him her.called editing photos.just did a photo shoot with my gran on a horse there was a lady holding the horse.but u don't see her in the pic.

  30. Unknown says:

    BEAUTY .....

  31. Blessing says:

    This was a blessing ! Did the family just lose a member of the family I believe it was someone’s way from heaven wanted to see the new baby to the family .

  32. Unknown says:

    A deer stole my baby! 😂
    Cute photo dont bother me but also dont wanna see you on the tv crying when something totally unexpected happens. Tame deer or not these things kick and buck. Good photo tho I bet you get lots of followers and likes for that shot.

  33. That deer would taste amazing with some brown gravy and rice!! I hope they had a big dinner to celebrate such cute photos!!! Also, guys, deer are still wild animals even if you feed them with a bottle, this was extremely mindless of the mother to encourage a wild animal to come so close to her, what one month old infant? I think people of today are pretty blind to what should be obvious human knowledge. Just because something is "cute" doesn't change the fact that it could potentially be deadly. Had that deer gotten spooked and football kicked the little tyke over the 50 yard line all you idiots wouldn't be sitting here saying how "precious" the pictures of a fresh baby and back strap were, you would all be up in arms. I think its time y'all learned some common sense.

  34. Natasha says:

    I think it's beautiful and under supervision I would have loved a pic like that of my daughter. Everyone who is freaking out are probably from the city and never been around wildlife. The other day I got a chance to hand feed a fox. Anyways I love them. Pay no attention to all the negative comments.

  35. Unknown says:

    Beautiful pictures but I have to agree.....no matter how "tame" an animal is it still has wild instincts. They can turn on a dime. I have seen it before. Still....the pictures are beautiful.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful!!!! Mom was right there with her hands ready to grab!!! Read the article before you comment idiots!!! This is nothing but a gorgeous photo shot! Anything in life can happen at any given moment and yes something could have happened but if your so scared of the damn world, and living each moment you should just stay in bed! Who knows, you could fall!.

  37. Brandi says:

    Beautiful!!! Love this comment!!! ☝stay in Bed!

  38. Ziggen says:

    Well. Nothing happened did it? A person was right there wasn't there? Deers don't eat babies even tho they are wild animals. Yeah something could have happened, like a meteorite fall from the sky, you never know. point is nothing happened mom was right there. Relax people.

  39. Maggie is very well known at Sam Huston park. We see her every time we go camping there & she is very sweet. She likes to make her appearance known & is loved very much by so many people.

  40. Anonymous says:

    These definitely are beautiful pictures. But why don't humans just leave animals alone?? Even if this deer was so-called tamed, animals can still be aggressive too even if you think they are not...she even states that deer are wild animals. It would be different if the deer just happened to wander nearby but it says that it was lured to be close by. Leave our beautiful creatures alone!

  41. I'm concerned about all these people in the comments. I hope you all find lives because that baby is going to be living a better one than you soon. Haha. Very amazing photoshoot for something UNPLANNED! Turned out looking like a fairytale for sure!

  42. Jackhole says:

    It was planned enough that she had a ear of corn to lure the deer and she stated she regularly lures the deer with food. It is actually illegal to feed wild animals in a protected area which State or Federal lands. Yes it is so cute to get a 'fantasy' photo but it is always a danger to introduce a wild animal to children. As far as the ' they only do that to other deer" I live in a federal reserve with deer I have been bucked while throwing out trash by deer, watch the goofball babies try to take out my Christmas decorations. Had one baby jumping up and down on deflated Snowman as he would try to use his head to make the fabric lift up and then pounce and butt it again. Because of tourist feeding the deer we have had 3 deer found hog tied in a car two does in the backseat and a buck in the trunk. The Buck's leg had been broken so badly he had to be killed.Deer also can not process complex carbs like corn and we constantly have deer die a painful death from being feed cracked corn. Another side effect of corn can cause the deer's hoof 'nails' to grow uncontrolled and be incredibly painful. Our desires to interact with wild animals is not without sever consequences to the animal you want to interact with so do ask yourself if you making that animal 'semi-tame' is worth the risk of it being lured by people that want to do it harm. The animals are not coming to be int he photos they want to get to the food that is being used as props. Attacking people for giving you real information is disturbing. If you don't know something you are ignorant of that information, when someone gives you information you did not know and you still want to continue the behavior or attack people trying to educate you Now you have crossed from ignorant to willfully stupid.

  43. PSOStone says:

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me how HUMANS have to take something so innocent and beautiful and make it into something UGLY!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Those of you making all those ridiculos remarks should really ACTUALLY READ the article...JESIS CHRIST!!

  44. Riddle says:

    It's funny, deer that are used to humans understand what a human is. And seeing a human baby should immediately spark the deer's motherly instinct, not her survival instinct.

  45. Is this the deer that joined the newlywed couple’s photo shoot and ate the bouquet? Lol

    Adorable pics

  46. Pmurt20 says:

    Great Picture That Deer sensed that was a harmless baby. That deer can be petted and harmless to humans. Deer that haven't been around humans will spook and run. This little fawn wouldn't hurt anyone unless you go after it with intent to harm. Some people are just freaking clueless and stupid. Go put your pussy hats on and stand in traffic running 80 mph. You won't be missed by anyone.

  47. Courtney Thomas says:

    I cant believe the ignorant nasty comments by some! You people need a damn hobby other than leaving rude comments about a beautiful baby photoshoot! Do you honestly have nothing better to do....get a life. To the mom of this baby the picture is absolutely perfect and super adorable and dont listen to the ignorant comments on here! This picture will be such a treasure to show your baby when he/she grows up! Gorgeous beautiful pictures and beautiful baby!

  48. Anonymous says:

    The deer was most likely wanting to eat some pumpkin.

  49. Unknown says:

    Dummies. It's a doe not a rabid dog. Just curious. Beautiful picture of a momma checking out a sleeping baby ❤️

  50. All the negative comments, why does it have to be a wild animal??? A trained house pet could have hurt the baby. A bird could have hurt the baby. Those negative comments just shows us that they don’t know wild animals. As long as their not provoked or feel danger, they want attack. Geeze. Get to studying on the outdoors before you comment about something you don’t know. I have been an outdoor person my entire life and have been around all type of wild animals. Not once have I been attacked. Even been in the same path as a bear. And I’m still alive..... On a better note, I just love the photo shoot. Amazing work and beautiful!!!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Wow people really don't know how to read. 1. Nowhere does it say that the deer was a young one. Looks pretty grown to me. 2. It clearly states that even though this deer was used to human contact since she was a baby, that when she does show up, there is always someone with a hand on or by the human baby. But all those outraged can go off, I guess.

    Personally, I love the pictures.

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