A man returns from vacation and quickly hides under a blanket. His faithful friend doesn't realize he's back, but he knows something's up.

First, he hears his owner whistle. The dog wastes not a second in appearing, massive green toy in mouth. Then he sees the lump under the blanket. He sagely drops his toy. This may be a real situation, requiring him to be a serious dog.

He creeps ever-so-tentatively up to the blanket, tail at half-mast. Could it be … ? His owner whistles again.

Dadd … ?

And then, when neither human nor dog can contain himself any longer, a final clear whistle. DADDY'S BACK.

This is what coming home to a dog is really all about. When they tell you they love you, and that love is a thousand licks deep. It's messy. Things break. Hearts are mended. And please-never-leave-agains are very strongly suggested.


Responses to "Dog Flips Out Once He Figures Out What's Under That Blanket"

  1. pintos says:

    amazing if only humans can be like that

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most would pull the blanket off, but not this cutie. Gets right under it to join her daddy.

  3. Tanja says:

    Hahahahahahahahaahahhaa so cool!!!!

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