The sweet, delicate sounds of the harp make most people think of huggable baby angels playing games in the clouds. While this video doesn’t have any clouds or harps, it definitely has an angel!

When the human in this video rubs the belly of the adorable kitten, it looks like the tiny cat is stroking an invisible harp. This cute kitty is really performing an activity called “kneading.” Small kittens knead their mothers to comfort them and get them to produce milk.

Most cats never grow out of this behavior and will still do it anytime they feel relaxed and comfortable. So no, the kitty you’re petting right now doesn’t expect you to give him milk, he’s just letting you know that he loves and trusts you!

Watching this precious little one curled up in their hooman’s lap is sure to bring a huge smile to your face. Now excuse us while we hit the replay button a few dozen times…


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  1. Unknown says:

    Looks like he's strumming a harp

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