A tiny kitten somehow got himself trapped in a storm drain, scared and starving. Instead of giving up, he did the only thing he could — he cried as loud as he could.

YouTube channel OrphanPet Gr, along with Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, Greece, were made aware of the little stray ...

...whose cries could be heard from blocks away from where he was. He was stranded. He was terrified. Yet he cried and cried, and never gave up.

When rescuers finally arrived to help him, he was apprehensive and skittish, and they had trouble getting him to stay still long enough to pull him out ...

... so they covered a scarf with cat food and lowered it into the drain.

The hopelessly hungry kitten finally understood. These people were here to help him. His cries had worked. After letting him eat, they were finally able to pull him out, safe and sound. In the video, his rescuers wrote, "This kitten was trapped, helpless, hungry and very lucky." And now, thanks to his rescuers, this kitten is also safe, and knows what it feels like to be truly loved.

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  1. Unknown says:

    great rescue & great idea to put food on the scarf. it worked perfectly.

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