Rescued Circus Performer Caught Enjoying Something She Never Had Before

She and her friend Sita recently boarded a special elephant caravan and traveled over 1,200 miles, day and night, and through heavy rains, to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center run by Wildlife SOS in Mathura, India.

Mia and Sita were escaping decades of exploitation at circuses. When they weren't performing, Mia and Sita were chained up and could never fully lie down to really rest.

When Mia arrived at the sanctuary, she appeared to collapse with joy at finally breaking free of her chains. Recently, Mia was spotted blissfully napping the day away, a luxury that she hasn't enjoyed for decades.

But she still popped her head up and flapped her ears for the camera as a videographer approached. She almost seemed to smile for the camera ... before plopping back down in the delicious dirt to continue her doze.


Responses to "Circus elephant rescued from abuse enjoys resting for very first time in her life"

  1. Unknown says:

    So happy for this elephant. Just awesome to how relaxed & carefree he/she is in the warm sand. Way to go rescuers!

  2. Why would anyone be so cruel to an animal in foreign countries? I can't understand this. I can just be thankful I live in the United States.

  3. Unknown says:

    I love following Wildlife SOS's elephant rescues. Mia and Sita are beautiful, sentient beings that deserve every ounce of pleasure they have.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This absolutely happens in the United States - see By the way, 6 billion land animals are slaughtered every year for human consumption. Most live in horrid conditions and all are bred, abused, and killed for no reason other than human whims. This is a worldwide problem.

  5. Anonymous says:

    cela fait plaisir a voir!!!!!

  6. Eliana says:

    Aww... rest, sweetie. Rest. <3

  7. Unknown says:

    sweet dear beautiful is your time to rest

  8. TonjaRoo says:

    It hurts my heart and soul deeply when I think of how mankind has treated these magnificent, noble, humble, wise, peaceful, gentle creatures. From circuses, to tusk poaching, big game trophy hunting and being held captive to do heavy labor. We owe elephant a great big apology. :(

  9. Unknown says:

    Bless those who helped get this wonderful animal free .Ty so much

  10. Maybe she was thinking "Can't a woman get a nap in private around here?" ;) heheheh

  11. Val says:

    Oh... she's SO tired!
    What beautiful souls to go to so much effort to give her some peace! <3

  12. Wonderful to see her relax and enjoy much needed rest. Thanks for rescuing and posting

  13. Unknown says:

    I love that this beautiful creature has been rescued. Now how about we rescue animals that are raised and slaughtered in the USA.

  14. Miriam Watts says:

    What a happy sight. Rest easy, beautiful girl.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all

  16. Anonymous says:

    These are some of the most majestic beasts to grace our planet and to think that humans exploit them sickens me.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ravermom666 - very bad here in the US too - zoos alone and tourist sanctuaries- circuses and roadside rides' allover here -worse in Thailand -and India -yes and some areas of Africa but here too

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