Scientist Saves Baby Deer From Drowning

 A heroic scientist has gone viral after he leaped into a fracking pond and saved a baby deer from drowning.

As you can see in the following piece of footage, the unidentified man goes swimming after the animal, who keeps sleeping on tarpaulin on the side each time he or she tries to escape the dangerous situation. The deer then emits a high-pitched squeak as the man grabs it.

But probably because the animal isn't aware the man is there to help.

"Saving baby deers in a frack pond," the man says as he walks towards the water's edge, prior to the clip cutting to black.

"A friend collects fracking data from ponds and encounters a fawn who can't get out due to the slippery tarp." With hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas on the increase across the United States, scientists and environmental activists have raised many questions about whether or not millions of gallons of contaminated drilling fluids could be threatening water supplies and human health." told youtube uploader

Responses to "Everyone Is Fawning Over This Baby Deer's Studly Hero "

  1. Unknown says:

    the sounds of a baby crying

  2. Unknown says:

    Good job Sir!

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