Rescues are their own kind of inspiring! There’s just nothing on this earth that’s comparable to that heartwarming feeling we get from seeing humans save animals in trouble. In this video, LA Animal Services comes to the rescue of a squirrel trapped in a storm drain in Los Angeles, California.

 The squirrel was trapped in such a way that it made it impossible for him to move without risking falling into the water below. Luckily, once Animal Services was alerted to the animal in need, they set out to work knowing there was little time to spare.

At first, the squirrel was frightened of the rescuer’s net and tried his best to avoid it, but seeing that it was either the net or the water … he thankfully opted for the net. Once the squirrel was safely on land again, he was set free and quickly scrambled back in the wild!y

Unfortunately, wild animals find themselves trapped in situations like this one more often than you might think. It’s amazing that the humans in this video arrived just in time to save the squirrel’s life – but please keep in mind that they’re trained professionals. If you ever encounter trapped or injured wildlife, be sure to contact your local animal services as soon as possible.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Awesome & inspiring to see humans helping animals. Great job!

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