Umm … there's a reason why these … these bats are snuggled together in a long line, uhhh ... wrapped up in tiny blankets, and sucking on pacifiers.

 Something about mimicking the warmth and security of a mama bat in the wild. Or something. Bats QLD, a nonprofit rescue group in Australia, released these holiday scenes on its Facebook page this month, as a kind of holiday greeting card.

These babies wouldn't be around if not for the efforts of Bats QLD, a group dedicated to rescuing the creatures, known in Australia as flying foxes.Bats have been particularly down and out in the land Down Under, thanks to ongoing efforts by local businesses to eradicate them, or at least, strongly discourage their presence, citing stench and noise.

Some towns have declared an all-out war on bat kind. "They are the most beautiful animals, we realize they're meant to be there but there's way too many of them," one exasperated woman, whose home bordered a bat colony, told the Australian Broadcasting Company.

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Flying foxes are considered crucial pollinators and dispersers of seeds far and wide. But humans frequently try to relocate bat colonies with very mixed results.


Merry Christmas from all of us here at Bats QLD. Thank you for your continuing support x
Posted by Bats QLD on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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