Love that can exist between a person and an animal was distilled in a single image when Chang Yim, whose name means 'Smiling Elephant,' falls asleep in the arms of the woman who saved his family.

Before he was born, his mother, Dok Ngern, was living a life of abuse, being made to beg on the street. But then Thailand's Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for abused elephants, rescued her.

Then this 'Smiling Elephant' was born on the sanctuary. Now, he can snuggle up in the arms of the woman who saved his and his mother's life, famed elephant lover Lek Chailert, whenever he likes.

Nes­tled in a lush green val­ley, Elephant Nature Park is a sanc­tuary for res­cued ele­phants from all over Thai­land.Chang Yim, whose name means 'Smiling Elephant', is a lucky baby who was born free at ENP. His mother Dok Ngern was brought there after being saved from a life of street begging and abuse.

Chang Yim is pictured here falling asleep in the arms of the amazing Lek Chailert, founder of ENP and tireless animal rescuer. Lek sings lullabies to the elephants to help them sleep. Chang Yim's favourite song was Itsy Bitsy spider. For decades she has worked to help injured elephants, and she clearly shares a unique bond with the animals she helps.

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