A little over six months ago, nobody was certain if Rosie the kitten would live. However, thanks to Lilo the Husky, Rosie made a spectacular recovery and is now a happy member of the family.

 Adorable Rosie, aged three months, was rescued by three sisters after she was found abandoned in the streets.

After needing a mother figure to try and boost her dwindling health, the sisters, Thi, Thoa and Tram Bui, matched her with one of their two husky dogs Lilo.

The pair are now insperaable and spend their days going for two mile walks, chasing and playing with each other and sharing dog food.

When they are separated, to stop Rosie from being accidentally being injured, they sit up against both sides of the door howling and pining for each other."The two of them are inseparable - they sleep together at night, and Rosie imitates everything Lilo does, including sneaking dog food when we're not looking.


Responses to "3 Huskies Become Best Friends With A Cat After Saving It From Dying"

  1. Anonymous says:

    These photo's are gorgeous. Rosie looks quite at home with the Huskies, they seem to have taken her to their hearts.

  2. Unknown says:

    I couldn't stop tearing up at the video. Anyone that has or has had a husky knows how big their hearts can be. I lost my husky "Star"3 yrs ago. She knew when I was sad,sick,happy etc.... My husband called her my soul mate because we were so close. She was my best friend and I still can't get myself to get another one. It would not be fair to the new one to expect her to be like my Star. When she was 10 she had to have her beautiful blue eye and socket removed from primary glaucoma, which also means the other one will follow within a few months. We made it through the first and followed up with drops for the other one and her vet which became a very good friend actually the whole clinic did we made it almost 2yrs before the other one had to come out. The dr. actually kept her in her office for after care. They say animals do better than people adjusting, but it was still concerning. Middle of a december snow storm she was to come home my husband and I bought some plywood and made a ramp with sides and it was the crappiest ramp,but it did its job, The first time I lead her out and back on the second trip back she started biting at her leash and I was scared that she was not coping, but as soon as I tok it off she ran, so I ran after to slow her down and she started playing in the snow tripping now and then so I called dr. and she said let her go. She had a path that she would run in the back yard and she found it bumped a couple times and slowed herself down a bit, by that night she had caught a bird with no eyes and a couple weeks later a rabbit. She had a couple stomach surgeries before all this because of eating things she shouldn't have no matter how well we kept things put up and the dr had said we wouldn't have to deal with that anymore, but there were 2 more a dish towel and a pair of underwear.The vet clinic was nice enough to give us a running tab that was finally almost paid off a few months before she passed. I was devastated and the owner who had got to know her as well sent the bill in the mail marked paid in full with his signature and very passionate letter. I never realized or even crossed my mind that alot of people that had heard or knew about our situation didn't think just Star was special but that I and my family was too. They said most would have put her down because of the bill or the trouble and time and care. I had never thought once about that except getting a loan or making payments and making sure they accepted that. People wouldn't put their kids to sleep for any of this, I chose her,I was responsible for her being in my family, she didn't ask for the health issues (maybe eating things LOL) but like when you choose to have a child, you don't blame them for things that require money, or care or inconvience etc... That is just to be considered as having a kid and the same should be considered when choosing a pet or an extended family member. I had read all about the breed and knew the ups and downs and still chose her and would again. There shoud be better laws for people to have pets as well as kids. Look at the requirements it takes to adopt either,you even have to have a license to get married or fish hunt etc..... They (kids or pets) have no voices so we have to speak for them, but way better then we do now. I don't know what this solution is but we need to work on it. Sorry for sharing more than planned,I could tell stories forever about her as most people could. Thank you if you made it this far. Love this video and story and hope one day that people can learn from animals.

  3. Unknown says:

    Thank you for sharing! Absolutely love it and what beautiful dogs! I have a lab/australian sheperd mix and a black cat that are the same way. They were both rescues and the day they met, it was as if they had known each other a lifetime. I believe they did in another lifetime and they are reuniting in this one. Love is the answer!

  4. MJKNYC says:

    Beautiful story! And these dogs take your breathe away- They jump off the computer screen at you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    shelly walker, there is another Husky out there that desperately needs you.

  6. Andrew Dube says:

    This is so darn cute love the story

  7. Tanja says:

    Video is not available in my country... :'( But the photos are so amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  8. Obrigado !

  9. Our first husky, Star, loved cats. She was raised by two of them from the day she arrived in our house at 5 weeks of age. most cats did not feel the same, but my son got a kitten that adored her right back - the photos remind me of how sweetly Star would play with SevenUp (the kittten).

  10. Unknown says:

    Shelly-- thank you for sharing your heartfelt story about Star. Those of us who see our animals as family members know exactly what you are talking about. That hole in your heart from losing Star will always be there, but I hope you will consider adopting another husky to share your love. You are the perfect mom that some other dog is waiting for. None of them should be homeless and unloved.

  11. Unknown says:

    amazing beautiful creatures. love this story.

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