This is the cute moment a cute cub decided to hitch a lift on its mum’s bear backside.

 The four-month-old cheeky baby bear must have had some tired paws as it opted for a beary-back-ride instead of walking during what was one of it’s first trips out of the den.

Polar bear cubs and their mum usually spend the first three months of their lives in a den. The two had only just come out into the wild and were presumably foraging for food to hunt.It is extremely difficult and rare to witness the bears exit from the den and incredibly, these photographs were the result of 117 HOURS OF WAITING.

Professional wildlife and nature photographer Daisy Gilardini, spent nearly two weeks waiting in front of a polar bear den with winds gusting to 60-70 km/h. Daisy captured these photos while on an expedition to Wapusk National Park, Canada.

Daisy said: “Despite the challenging conditions and the long hours waiting the experience to be witnessing something so rare is simply priceless. “The mum rushed downhill in deep snow when one of the two cubs decided it was much more convenient to hitch a ride on mama’s butt.

“It was extremely funny and totally unexpected behaviour.

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