Being a friend to animals sometimes means lending them a helping hand — or in this case, a boot.

A sweet little video has been making the rounds on social media in recent days showing a family of canaries in Brazil who decided their home shouldn't just be where the heart is, but the sole too. So, naturally, they took the liberty to establish their nest inside a farmer temporarily unused shoe.

Thankfully, as YouTube user Daniel Scalabrini explains, the person evicted from their footwear was more than gracious enough to let the birds borrow his boot:

"This home is on a farm. On the farm people have the habit of putting the shoe which is used to working under the roof that is not wet by rain. The Canary took advantage of one of them to make their nest.

The shoe's owner saw that the canary had built the nest and left the shoe there until the chicks [could] fly."

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  1. cutest nesting place...a real shoe-in :)

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