The footage, which was filmed in Jupiter, Florida, shows experienced diver Michael Dornellas, 32, coming to the aid of the shark.

Sharks are amazing animals. Millions of years before the first humans walked the earth, these magnificent apex predators were roaming the oceans, helping to maintain the delicate balance of life. Without sharks, the ocean ecosystems we know would not be possible. Knowing this, it is so scary to learn that sharks are now becoming a threatened species, all over the world.

Humans have proven to be the ocean’s most dangerous predator, with overfishing and the shark fin trade claiming the lives of over 100 million sharks annually. Because of this, the kind action of the scuba diver in this video is so admirable.

When he came across a shark with a hook in its mouth, he set into action, using a dangerous form of shark hypnosis called tonic immobility. With time and patience, he was able to remove the hook, proving both to us and to the ten-foot shark, that people can be pretty awesome!

Responses to "Brave Diver Removes Hook From Injured Shark’s Mouth"

  1. Unknown says:

    WOW!!!! Definitely a brave guy and Thank God he was able to remove the hook

  2. Anonymous says:

    They eat baby albatrosses, penguins and seals. Therefore the human race feels it is ok to kill every one of them. Humans, ultimate in stupidity. We are killing our own world.

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