While sailing with his friend off the coast of the Canary Islands, a man named César Espino spotted a tangled whale just below the surface.

 Equipped with nothing more than a knife and a pair of goggles, Espino dove into the water to assist the struggling whale. The rope, which one report said was an illegal fishing net, wasn't just holding the whale in place. It had also been digging through his skin, which in the past has even caused some whales to lose their tails.

Between cutting away at the thick rope and trips to the surface for air, Espino took over an hour to free the whale. Eventually, Espino succeeded, and the whale was cut loose.

The video, which has been shared over 30,000 times in just one day, shows the whale giving Espino a ride the moment his tail is free.

The whale is now free to swim wherever he pleases, thanks to Espino's bravery and compassion.

Espectacular rescate de una ballena Fuerteventura. Imágenes NÁUTICA PUERTO JANDÍA. Siguenos en A.G.P.HOTO & VIDEOEl jóven protagonista de esta historia se llama César Espino. Al parecer el y su compañero navegaban en el día de ayer a unas 2 millas del muelle de Morro Jable cuando vieron una boya utilizada para Palagre (tipo de pesca no muy legal). Alrededor de ella la típica salida de aire de una ballena, un rorcual de unos 15 metros que se encontraba sola.Sin dudarlo se tiró al agua y vió como el animal estaba enganchado a los anzuelos tanto en la boca como en la cola, lo que le impedía moverse.No se lo pensó, se puso ante la ballena ( la cuál asegura le habló con la mirada) y tras una hora de trabajo consiguió salvarla de lo que hubiera sido una muerte segura.BRAVO CÉSAR !!! Me declaro fan tuyo, olé tus____ para hacer lo que hiciste... y gracias Lourdes Benítez Carrillo por pasarme el documento ;-)
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