Derby, the dog with 3D-printed legs, can walk straight and sit like any other pooch now, thanks to a new set of prosthetics.

At this point, you may be well aware of how 3-D printing is helping in the medical prosthetics field. There are amazing stories of how the technology has been used, such as to create a new nose for 14-year-old Dallan Jennet earlier this year, or helping guide surgeons (through the creation of a model of a heart) to provide life-saving care to 3-year-old Mia Gonzalez.

But the technology is helping our friends in the canine world, too: Meet Derby, the dog with the 3-D printed paw prosthetics.

A 2-year-old husky who was born without fully formed paws on his two front legs, Derby first received prosthetic legs last year from the technology company 3D Systems. But those legs were a little too short of Derby’s stature, so while he was able to walk and run again with them, he could not stand fully straight up.

But just this week, 3D Systems released a video showing how it has created new prosthetics for Derby. Watch above how the prosthetics were developed to help this adorable dog walk a little taller.


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