Isabella Aiukli Cornell is a teen advocate for Native youth. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation and lives in Oklahoma City. Bella has helped to end the use of derogatory native mascots and Land Run reenactments in her school district.

 After testifying at the White House Listening Tour, she was invited to speak with the Secretary of Education about her experiences as a native student. Bella is a Southern Cloth and Fancy Shawl dancer and enjoys writing, attending powwows, hanging out with her friends, Instagramming, watching anime, playing the bass guitar, and listening to music.

-If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich? -Helping others and doing kind, uplifting things for people.

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-What issues do you hold close to your heart? -Advocating for those without a voice.

-Culturally speaking, what teachings do you value? -Elders are revered.

“My mom raised me traditionally, I know how to treat sacred items, how to treat regalia. To see it used as a plaything is wrong. People aren’t mascots,” she said.

Cornell is no stranger to experiencing hostility and ignorance about Native Americans. When she was in 8thgrade, a history teacher gave an account of America’s first peoples that left her stunned and in tears. “He called us cannibals,” she said. “Other kids came up to me after and asked if I ate people.”

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Responses to "Meet The Choctaw Nation Young Warrior Fighting To Preserve Her Culture"

  1. Unknown says:

    For a teacher, that was a fairly ignorant thing for him to say. There is probably not one culture that does not have history of some of their people eating others for some reason or another. That does not make them all cannibals. There were tribes in the Congo that practiced such things but I doubt you would find that today. I am saddened that many treat the Native American culture as if it had no value to todays population. America would be much poorer if the Native American culture didn't exist.

  2. i love this-strong and beautiful and powerful-more power and grace to you!

  3. Unknown says:

    Apalling attitude towards this brave young lady in this day and age. Respect to you

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