One of the most anticipated films to come out of Hollywood as of late, includes Indigenous characters and content the likes of which haven’t been depicted since 1990’s epic film Dances With Wolves and a lot of that has to do with Craig Falcon.

 With the goal to portray authentic Indigenous peoples and cultures in the film, The Revenant, movie producers sought the help of a cultural advisor early on. That advisor was Falcon who spent a year working on the movie alongside big name actors Leonardo Dicpario and Tom Hardy.

A cultural education consultant originally from Montana, Falcon met the movie’s producers in Calgary where they expressed interest in his work. They soon offered him the job to be the cultural advisor on the movie.

It was Falcon’s first experience working in the entertainment industry. And it was a whole different world coming from travelling Canada and the United States teaching Indigenous culture in a classroom setting.

“It was really amazing,” said Falcon recalling his first encounters on set. “It was quite an experience watching this army of people running in all different directions.”

(Craig Falcon worked on the set of The Revenant with star Leonardo DiCaprio. Photo courtesy Craig Falcon) 

The Revenant tells a story of survival and revenge centered on a former real-life European trapper named Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo Dicaprio.

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