The Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary near Driggs, Idaho, on the western slope of Grand Teton National Park, is home to over 40 rescued animals including, bears, wolves, wild cats (like a cougar, a lynx, and a bobcat), foxes, buffalo, coyotes, chickens, deer, goslings, BLM burros, a squirrel, a goat, and a badger.

Last year, an extra special resident arrived at the 40-acre sanctuary — an adorable three-legged deer named Runs-Like-the-Wind.

A kind woman named Amy discovered him on a highway after he was hit by a car. He lay there at the side of the road with his two front legs broken at just one week old.

Amy rescued him, and according to Earthfire Institute, “Saw him through months of difficult intensive operations, infections, hope, and then fear that he would lose both legs.”

Runs-Like-the-Wind only had to lose one of his legs, and he soon healed beautifully. Amy then searched for a more permanent home for the fawn, and after she was turned down a few times, she contacted Earthfire Institute and they immediately took him in. As they wrote, “How does having three legs make him any less
 of a being?”

We second that sentiment, and are so happy to see him loving his new home.


Responses to "Rescued Three-Legged Deer Runs Happy and Free at Wildlife Sanctuary"

  1. Anonymous says:

    What happens when he gets old enough to be in the rut? He will need both front legs or he is going to take a terrible beating. Hope he does well until then.

  2. Unknown says:

    he looks just as fast with only the 3 legs

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