Desperate for help, trapped dog freed from gate

Neighbors were afraid of dogs, and worried that she might bite them if they attempted to get her unstuck. But the volunteers with Animal Aid Unlimited knew she meant no harm, so when they received the call about her, they immediately set to work on freeing her.

Though squeezing her through caused her to be pinched a little, the team easily managed the task of getting her out. Once free, she was naturally grateful, and doled out kisses at the rescue group’s home base.

And Animal Aid didn’t just save her once – they did it twice. She also had mange, which would have eaten her alive had she not been taken in.

About: Rescued animals are brought back to their shelter where they are treated by medical team and care-givers. They perform emergency surgeries as well as spay/neuter. On any given day they treat around 150 recovering animals in their shelter.

For rescued animals who are permanently disabled or too fragile to be returned to their neighborhood, they are welcomed home in Animal Aid’s sanctuary.


Responses to "Street Dog Trapped in a Gate Has the Sweetest Reaction to Being Freed"

  1. Unknown says:

    Good guys...great they also rescued her off the streets.

  2. Unknown says:

    There are good people everywhere......nice to be reminded.

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