A baby rhino in Kruger National Park in South Africa was hanging out with his mom when he noticed that a group of tourists were watching him ... and so he decided to show off a little bit. The playful rhino decided to start chasing a group of birds

 The little guy never hurt the birds — he only chased them, the same way children chase away groups of seagulls on the beach or pigeons in the park. Really, this little rhino was just being a kid.

Rhino Facts: Rhinoceros are herbivores (plant eaters).They have to eat a lot to fill their large bodies.

They can run up to 30 – 40 miles per hour; the fastest human can run 15 miles an hour, so finding a tree to climb is a better strategy than trying to outrun a rhino!

Rhino pregnancies last forever: Or at least it might fee like it, they are pregnant for 15-16 months! Mother rhinos are very nurturing. The young stay with them until they are approximately 3 years old.

African rhinos are a good 'home' for oxpeckers: The oxpecker eats ticks and other insects that it finds on the rhino, and creates a commotion when it senses danger. This helps alert the rhino.


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