Indigenous Games Prove Archery’s Roots are Amazing! Brazil hosted the inaugural World Indigenous Games to celebrate native cultures and people from around the world. And barebow archery was a prominent event. Felicia Chischilly, a Navajo from New Mexico, described the Games as “a powwow in the true sense of the word — a gathering of nations.”

 More than 2,000 athletes represented 23 countries in the Games, which consisted of modern and traditional, and competitive and noncompetitive sporting events, including archery, football, canoeing, spear tossing and tug of war, to name a few.

“Most events were led by the indigenous peoples themselves,” according to the New Delhi Times. “And together it created a festival that brought together the diversity represented in the Games from indigenous cultures (around) the world.”

Nineteen Native Americans represented the United States. Overall, the Games were a celebration of cultures and the sport we know and love.

Photo Credit: Eraldo Peres

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