Moyo was saved from drowning at just a few days old after he was washed away while trying to cross a flooded river with his herd. He was then abandoned by the older elephants but, luckily, rangers found him just as a pack of hyenas had him surrounded.

He was taken to the Wild Is Life animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe, where he became very attached to founder Roxy.

So attached that he won’t let her out of his sight.

‘She is one of those animals with whom I have formed an extraordinary bond of friendship, trust and love. Letting go will be hard,’ Roxy told the team from BBC documentary Nature’s Miracle Orphans.

More about "Wild Is Life" Sanctuary: "We believe that the elephant nursery is about affording the individual orphans a second chance at life. These orphans, who have been severely traumatized, deserve the opportunity to grow and thrive in the natural world.

It is also about sharing the experience of these individuals with human kind. Of asking human beings to look beyond their own species ... to draw a parallel between themselves and something that is wild.


Responses to "Baby Elephant Can’t Stop Following Her Rescuer After Being Saved From Death"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why in the Hell would you allow a baby elephant in the house in the first place. Now that he is older and bigger, he will act like a spoiled child and wreck the whole place to get what he wants. Not real smart for a person with her experience. oh well, it takes all kinds, I guess.

  2. roofdog13 says:

    the stuff in the house are just material objects,the bond is more important in my opinion.

  3. Unknown says:

    Wonderful! Anonymous read this just to bitch. Evidently that's how they roll. Great story.

  4. This is a story I can support because the end goal is return the animal to wild. What I do not like is when people try to make wild animals pets. Wildlife serves an important function and role in keeping our planet, and our own species, healthy. Very sweet story.

  5. Not sure how making a pet of this elephant equates to rehabilitation. Can't help but worry for his future.

  6. I can see him becoming a fractious and uncontrolled teenager with no discipline....uh oh !! When out in the wild this will cause untold havoc . As wonderful as his rescuer is , I think he should be introduced into a herd ASAP. The matriarch will teach him manners .

  7. I somehow think this woman who OWNS and RUNS a wildlife sanctuary where the goal is to return animals (including other elephants) to the wild, knows more about how to raise a baby elephant in the best manner to be able to live wild again, than many of the people commenting on here and speaking as if they know better. Baby elephants are raised by humans often in these sanctuaries, and have this sort of bond with their handlers (each baby having only one human to bond with this way, as that is how it is done best), and many are successfully returned to the wild all the time! People should stop commenting negatively on subjects they know much less about than the people the article was written about! How many of you know anything about raising orphaned baby elephants at all in real life, compared to what this woman running a wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe knows?! I feel nothing but wonderful happy feelings when I see the bond this woman has with this baby. They are highly social animals and need this kind of love and affection when they are this little. She is doing nothing wrong! This is a lovely story!

  8. Well said Kristina Grevatt. Baby elephants must have this bond for their well being. Without it, they will often waste away. A great example is the Daphne Sheldrake. Each baby elephant has its own keeper. They sleep together, do everything together for many months for the sake of the baby's health. When it's time to let go, all know it's time. Some of their adult elephants who have lived in the wild, formed or joined herds, and had their own wild babies come back now and then to say hi, but no property is ever damaged. Elephants are much more intelligent than those naysayers here realize. This woman is doing exactly what needs to be done for this elephant calf.

  9. I worked in an elephant sanctuary for decades until a car accident put me in a wheelchair.., I speak from personal experience... This baby needs to not only have a personal handler but to be a part of a is cute now,but soon it won't be, maybe the woman needs to spend more time outside with Moyo? Dame Daphne Sheldrick (spelled correctly)and the trust she set up in memory of her late husband David,seem more acutely aware of how to interact with elephants & no she is not doing exactly what she needs to do...Boundaries need to be in set, just like with any child, for their own safety.

  10. Val van Rooyen says:

    I agree, it WAS cute, but now he is too big and getting out of hand. He needs his own sleeping place outside. She could sleep there with him instead of letting him into her house. She should have actually have done that from the beginning then he would have known and respected the boundaries. Yes it is beautiful but he has to know he can't get away with everything because he is so cute. I hope she finds a way to let him go to where he will have his own handler and can interact with other orphans and be able to gradually go back to the wild where he belongs.

  11. Mota40 says:

    i would love to be at this shelter ,give all my love and time to these creatures made by god................

  12. Fred says:

    She isn't sleeping with him in the house FFS. That couch is on the back patio. He's also still very tiny and she's teaching him to follow directions. How many of you had toddlers who obeyed you perfectly?

  13. Catharine Volpe, thank you for correcting my misspelling of Dame Daphne Sheldrick's last name. She is a remarkable woman with whom I've had the privilege of spending some time. I am terribly sorry for your accident and loss of your work with elephants in the sanctuary. Before criticizing the woman in this story, however, please remember your work was with sanctuary elephants who can be quite different from wild elephants, and we should never criticize rehabbers and their methods before walking exactly in their footsteps. I walked in this woman's shoes with a large predator species here in the states. That state's wildlife authorities killed every 'rescued' member of the species insisting they could not be rehabbed and reintroduced to the wild without becoming dangers to humans. I took two to rehab from an officer who thought killing all of them was wrong and brought them to me in secret. Despite my best efforts, it didn't take long for word to get out wherein I was criticized, threatened with all manner of legal actions, loss of employment, loss of my home, etc. but I persisted. The melee ended with my being allowed to keep the animals while everyone stood by waiting for me to be injured and fail...waiting with loaded guns so they could shoot the dangerous animals I was going to release. I did not fail nor was I injured nor did the animals become dangers to the public when released. Now, that state has a facility for rehabbing and releasing these animals back to the wild following the protocols I established. Again, this woman is doing what needs to be done for this elephant calf right now. I doubt she has a herd of calves to which she can introduce this baby and even if she did, the calf needs emotional bonding and since it has no elephant mother, this woman is the 'mom' for the time being. I have worked with both wild and domestic animals from many species for over 40 years, elephants, lions, bears, birds of prey, reptiles, hoof stock, etc. so I, too, feel I have the experience to speak. If separated from this woman now, this calf would seriously injure himself attempting to reach her and would also suffer great emotional distress. She is not making him a pet but rather filling in as his mother as she teaches him how to be an elephant; as you should know, elephant calves stay with their moms for several years as they learn to become elephants, find food, learn elephant manners, and so on. This calf is not going to be standing in her kitchen when he is 40 years old and fully mature. In the meantime, she is doing what needs to be done. If you look at the early trailblazers in wildlife rehab in Africa, many of whom I had the privilege of learning from, they all had calves/cubs they had to raise and then reintroduce. They started the same way as this woman and I do not recall even one instance where their reintroduction failed nor where the trailblazers ended up with very large dangerous/destructive pets they did not want.

  14. Excuse me Becky, I request you stop targeting me directly by name, I have not attacked you.As for experience, I dealt for decades directly with ELEPHANTS, You dealt with predator species,PLEASE NOTE:Myself nor any other people who have shown concern or care about these animals has demanded nor mentioned permanently taking Moyo away from this woman, So cut the drama.You have not stated anything that anyone who knows these animals isn't aware of.Hopefully the arguing stops. Remember everyone who cares enough to be involved & comment in saving the Earth's Wild kingdom , deserves respect and the right to speak their viewpoint without being targeted.Gotta scoot,kudos for your work, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  15. Hugs to Moyo and Roxy!!! Abundant blessings always!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Very nice video, but the baby elephant needs to be re-introduced to the herd. He is getting too old to be running around the house. He is not a baby as he was when first rescued. He won't fit into the home in a year.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Kristina Krevatt, I feel exactly the same way you do! I's like I am thinking and you are writing. These people know what they are doing. And it is so natural to get attached to the animal you are looking after.

  18. It's an outside patio, the white wall n green window frame is the outside of the house, who ever commented that the elephant is inside the house is clearly an idiot, and should think before they post stuff, because they are clearly not winning at life....

  19. Anonymous says:

    Another precious Earth Angel. She, her staff & the animals in her care are all beautiful & they are all blessed from above. Covering you and all of yours in prayers of protection from the negative intentions bombarding you & all you have thus far successfully accomplished and will continue to accomplish. Thank you for your love & dedication to being a part of the solution to fill the earth our home with love vs from a world drowning in hate, murder, slaughter, trophy/canned hunts, may you all live long & with the animals you have rescued. Living in Peace always. Surrounding you in Divine healing & love. Shine Sister Glow. Hugs

  20. Anonymous says:

    They rescued the elephant from hyenas. The elephant group left the baby elephant to take care of himself. He was abandoned by those he trusted.
    Spoiled teenager....he is a wild animal. He needs nuture and care now....which he is being given. Life should be about Love. :) the world is full of hate, war and racism so why not let the baby elephant chillax on the couch. ;)

  21. Anonymous says:

    The baby elephant might need a friend, like a dog as I heard that elephants pair off with a friend

  22. celine says:

    The elephant can still be introduced to the wild as long as the keeper integrates him with other elephants. They are animals that bond easily so this makes total sense. It looks as though this lady has every intention of rehabilitating him properly. What an experience, my dream, if only for a day!

  23. silverfox says:

    Great story! Would love to hear about how Moyo is doing in about a year; she would have grown more by then.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I love how one woman calls herself an expert and corrects others but gets her feathers all ruffled when someone corrects her. She didn't even read the other person's post where she said she has worked with MANY species INCLUDING elephants. Stop showing off on the internet. It's a cute video and it's a snippet of the elephant's life. You have no idea what happens the other 364 days, 23 hours and and 57 minutes of its life so get a grip and enjoy the video.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I'd just like to point out to those people writing about baby elephants needing a bond with ONE person, that Dame Daphne Sheldrick specifically discourages that. Ever since, in the beginning of her life with elephants, a calf that she was raising pined away and died, while she was out of the country.The keepers are always rotated so that the calves have nurturing but do not form a strong bond for an individual.

  26. Chea says:

    This is wonderful! It looks like the couch is outside on a porch not in the house. Also these are only a few moment captured in pictures, how do we know what the actual plan is for this lost baby? I would hope a person that runs a animal sanctuary would know (along with other professionals) what to do. I am grateful to those in the world who dedicate themselves to giving back and helping to make a difference.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am so grateful for what you are doing Roxy, making a beautiful creature feel safe and loved. We need more people like you and your organisation. Do what needs to be done. Good energy for your much needed work.

  28. Unknown says:

    Wonderful video! I've never seen one quite like this. And this woman is to be admired.Does this sanctuary accept donations? Thanks

  29. strings10 says:

    I feel the same way about tea. Good boy.

  30. Thank you, Becky Bauer for your clarifying comment. I agree with you even though I've had not wild species experience. But I understand what love accomplishes. thea clark ph.d.

  31. Baby elephants need lots of one-one-one attention, most elephant sanctuaries I've seen have human handlers that are with the babies 24/7. They have to have constant company for their health and mental stability so this is not unusual. Good for her, I hope this baby survives.

  32. deva says:

    Sooner or later the house is going to need to be barricaded against Moyo. Letting him have his way like this will end up with one destroyed house and an animal that hasn't learned his guidelines, which will make it harder to rehabilitate him into the wild. That is the aim, isn't it?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Haters gonna hate. Ah, the internet, where people can voice their hatred and spout their stupid opinions at will. So glad this lady saved this poor little guy. Not sure why the herd rejected him. They usually don't do that. But glad she's trying.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Why is that you cannot read a beautiful story like this one without reading ridiculous comments from internet trolls that assume they know better? These people are professionals doing a job many of us couldn't fathom in order to rescue majestic creatures. Someone is worried about a couch. My eyes cannot roll hard enough.

  35. Anonymous says:

    She should google studies on other adorable baby elephants (Aisha for one) that have literally died of a broken heart when that person they were allowed to become overly attached to had to leave town for a weekend or be separated from them for some reason. I totally understand the desire to be that close to a wild animal, but what she is doing has the potential to break BOTH their hearts. She should do some research and put some distance there.

  36. We are more alike than different from many animal creatures. We have in common arms, legs, lungs, brains, hearts, similar systems, and emotions. Yes they do have emotions and intellect. Sometimes humans treat them like things and are very cruel. I hope there is justice somewhere in the universe for people like that.

  37. Sylphyr says:

    I love how everyone is giving their expert opinion on how the elephant should or should not be treated. This lady has more experience than most of you. And instead of sitting behind a computer screen and passing judgement, she's actually out there, Doing something to help. If you think you know better, maybe you should dedicate your lives to conserving wild life, and give up your day jobs which enable you to pay your bills. It's easy to pass judgment. It takes a real hero to open up their heart to something other than the human race.

  38. How absolutely wonderful this is. I am sure you must feel so honored and blessed that this amazing baby creature can bestow all this love and trust upon you. My whole life I have wanted to work with orphaned animals (especially wild), and it is so wonderful to see someone doing exactly that.. How fortunate you are to have the opportunity to bond and form a relationships with these incredibly intuitive and intelligent mammals! Enjoy every moment and hopefully one day I can visit you. I salute you!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Pfft some of you can't even raise human children right.

  40. Anonymous says:

    That is a sturdy sofa

  41. Trey says:

    The amount of sheer retardation in this comment section is amazing.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Roxy is all about herself and exploits animals for her personal enrichemnt. She is a buddy to the the Zimbabwean (former) Minister of Interior Kasukuwere who demanded we supply him (personally) with $2M USD to stop the sale to China and keep the wild babies in Hwange with wild herd. But Kasukuwere also wanted the sanctions lifted...the 98 corrupt Zimbabwean government officials are prevented from doing business with and traveling to USA.The United States implemented the targeted sanctions program in 2003 as a result of the actions and policies of certain members of the Government of Zimbabwe and other persons undermining democratic institutions and processes in Zimbabwe. She kept one of the stolen wild baby elepahnts for do your homework before donating here.

  43. I agree with Kristina Grevatt It was a great story never judge a book by its cover.Unless you know what the situation is all about.

  44. I've beens following moyo's story for a while, I follow zimellies, it's been found now that moyo is actually a little girl! I love this little elephant, and what roxy does i think is amazing! X

  45. Morgana says:

    I t is so strange that the herd abandoned this baby Elephant, especially his mother, as we know and see so many paradigms of Mother Elephants to try hard to save their calves from any kind of danger. IT IS SO STRANGE. Many thanks to the rescuers

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