An Aboriginal photographer has captured heartwarming photographs of newborns with their mothers in traditional surroundings to celebrate sacred rituals.

 Australian photographer Bobbi-lee Hille, 29, has paid homage to her Indigenous culture with stunning images of babies, with traditional Indigenous props and tools, as well as Aboriginal dot paintings.

Captured in a harmonious environment, the mesmerizing photographs give an insight into Aboriginal culture and traditions.

'I wanted to photograph Indigenous babies and bellies to create awareness of our beautiful culture and people,' Ms Hille said. 'It's celebrating Indigenous culture and new life through photography. It is very important to me to keep our culture alive, to promote awareness and show how beautiful the traditions are.'

Photos: Bobbi-lee Hille

The mother-of-three, from Perth in Western Australia, believes her project called Milyali Art - meaning newborns in 2015 - is even more important as mainstream education and that the media often neglects Aboriginal culture.

Photos: Bobbi-lee Hille

Photos: Bobbi-lee Hille

Photos: Bobbi-lee Hille

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  1. mad83815 says:

    Wow, absolutely stunning.........

  2. so beautiful

  3. Stunning pictures and such an honour to be gifted through this art form, insight into these sacred rituals and moments of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples. Thank you

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  6. Turenne says:

    Sacred rituals are essential in our journey to dance our soul. Those photographs are indeed awesome and it is so much more than beautiful to bring and give the tradition of sacred rituals to our children from birth...

    Thank you for this wonderful share!

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