"Hey, man, what gives?" That's the question a bobcat in Canada seemed to have when an angry pup and his family recently refused to let him into their home. In a video recorded near Ontario's Tyson Lake, the inquisitive wildcat can be seen repeatedly sniffing and pawing at a glass door while his (understandably) nervous new acquaintance barks on.

We may never his true intentions, but the strange, invisible barrier separating the cat from his new home is surely the much greater mystery.

Whether you’ve seen a lynx or a bobcat, consider yourself a very lucky person. North America’s wild cats are not easy to see! If you see a bobcat near your home, there is no need to panic. Bobcats rarely attack people.

What Attracts Them? Bobcats may visit an area to find food, water, shelter, or the space they need to live. Food may include birds, rodents, rabbits, small unattended pets, poultry or other domestic birds, and other small livestock. Water in pools, birdbaths, fountains, and pets' water dishes can attract bobcats. They will sometimes defecate in shallow water (such as pools and fountains).

Shelter for bobcats can include rooftops, attics, and the space underneath decks. Other small spaces can make attractive dens also, and bobcats will sometimes rest during the day or bask in the sun. This makes them attracted to thick brush, shade, and unoccupied yards.


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