Susie is blind and deaf, but she loves the feeling of the wind in her face. That’s what owner Norma Miedema says, and that’s why her Susie’s best friend, a Rottie with wheels, carts her around.

When you can’t hear or see, you tend to appreciate these little things even more.

Susie might not be able to run around, but that won’t stop her from going on adventures!

Her best friend doesn’t seem to mind being her personal chauffer – he’s just glad to be able to romp around, too!

NOTE: The Rottweiler was employed in its traditional roles until the mid-19th century when railways replaced droving for herding livestock to market. While still used in herding, Rottweilers are now used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard dogs or police dogs, and in other roles

"Rottweiler breeders aim at a dog of abundant strength, black coated with clearly defined rich tan markings, whose powerful appearance does not lack nobility and which is exceptionally well suited to being a companion, service and working dog." This breed is all about balance, endurance, proportionality, intelligence and strength.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How wonderfully awesome and beautiful. Such love by unconditional loving creatures. It was so touching to watch, I smiled all the way through it with my heart and my lips. Thank you for sharing.

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