These hilarious pictures show the loveable Great Dane who likes nothing more than gurning in front of the camera.

 Krista Aalto, from Piikki√∂ in Finland, spent weeks capturing a series of images of her 18-month-old dog Mutka pulling bizarre faces.

They include one of the giant animal licking his own eyeballs and another of him sucking his own bottom lip.The harlequin Great Dane lives with 29-year-old Krista and his half-sister Luna - who Krista says is much more serious. She said: 'I have had him since he was baby, he was eight weeks old when brought him home from the breeder and it was clear that he was special.

'In my house, nobody can go and relax on the couch without this big guy giving some love. He's always pulling silly faces and gurning - it's remarkable really. 'He really doesn't understand his size, but my favourite thing he does is when he tries to cuddle on my arm - even though he's probably taller than me.'

The dog stands 33 inches from paw to shoulder, and weighs 110lbs. Krista added: 'He definitely is the happiest, goofiest and funniest dog in the world. At least I haven't met any other dog that would be as expressive and characterful as he is.'

Photos Via Instagram

Many people mistake a growing juvenile harlequin Dane as a Dalmatian. Although both breeds are white with black markings, the Dalmatian has spots. A Harlequin Dane's "torn patches" differ from the smooth rounded spots of the Dalmatian.

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    The darker dog looks like a Louisiana Leopard dog. Interesting. Cute dogs...

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