"The protection of nature, forests, and ecosystems is the responsibility of everyone. What happens will ultimately affect us all. We want the Amazon to be valued for what it is, not just an economic resource. We are standing up for our lives, yours, the entire world and for the lives of future generations!" Patricia Gualinga, Kichwa leader from the Ecuadorian Amazon

 The Amazon is vital to global climate stability, absorbing vast amounts of carbon dioxide in its forests, releasing oxygen, and even regulating global rainfall patterns. However, the Amazon's ability to absorb carbon dioxide is at risk due to climate change, deforestation, and unsustainable industrial mega-projects. A major driver of these threats is the oil that lies beneath the Amazon.

A recent study found that the carbon stored in the Amazon's indigenous territories and protected areas – many of which are threatened by fossil fuel development – is sufficient to either destabilize or significantly contribute to the stabilization of the planet's atmosphere depending on the collective impact of development projects.

The episode explains how, after oil companies began exploiting their land for fossil fuels, the Kichwa people protested, sued the government, and convinced the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to force oil companies out of Kichwa territory. But even though Kichwa women stood up to Big Oil and won, they still have to be vigilant. For Gualinga, and other Ecuadorian women interviewed for this episode, the capitalist system that threatens their land is also a key element of the modern patriarchy.


Responses to "Keepers of the Land: Meet the Indigenous Women Warriors of the Amazon "

  1. Beautiful all the things we women can accomplish!!

  2. Turenne says:

    Indigenous Women Warriors of the Amazon are showing us how eco-feminism is important activism to transform the world to bring back balance and harmony within and all through mother earth. They are showing us to dance our soul in harmony with mother earth's natural balance.

    As the spiritual indigenous stories reveal, women are giving the keys to understand the way to relate to nature. We must elevate our consciousness and revive and share that understanding...

  3. Unknown says:

    I worked as a man all of my life to fight against sexism in any way, shape or form. Only to see at the end of my life that the majority of women only are focussed upon other women. It's fully accepted for a woman to be sexist, to be almost exclusively interested in art, literature and so on by other women. The kind of thing males always have beenm criticized for. My idea of fighting sexism is for all men and women to be interested in their fellow human beings regardless of their sex. Unfortunately this now is totally out-of-fashion.

  4. Unknown says:

    So happy to hear of the victory!! What an amazing thing you're doing!! Aho!
    I understand there is much more to do and much at stake, but am so thankful for all you're doing to help keep the forest, water,the whole earth safe from the destruction by greed. Thank you <3

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