Thanks to the kindness of two Ohio police officers, a needy puppy will be protected and served for a lifetime.

 After being alerted by a family who, due to "heartbreaking circumstances," was no longer able to care for their dog, Officer Laura Clague, of the Shaker Heights Police Department, stepped in to help.

Though finding accommodations for needy puppies isn't exactly part of her duty as a member of law enforcement, Clague didn't hesitate. She rescued the animal in her patrol car, promising the family she would "find a better solution than the animal shelter or trusting a stranger."

Once back at the station with the puppy in tow, Clague started making phone calls to see if someone she knew might be interested in giving him a home. That's about the time her colleague Officer Matt Dunn walked in.

It was love at first sight. "As fate would have it, his family was already in the process of looking for a dog," the police department wrote on Facebook. "After a phone call to the dog's owner, they were very excited and pleased to learn that one of our officers was willing to take the dog home." The police department acknowledged that the hard-pressed family's request wasn't a typical one, but they were happy to help regardless if that meant keeping an animal out of potential harm's way, writing online:

"Thanks for trusting us to do the right thing."

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  1. Unknown says:

    A little ways to go yet, but will make a fine police companion, once trained.

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