When Darrick, a caretaker at Elephant Nature Park, calls out to Kham Laa the friendly elephant, she runs right over just like a happy puppy! Well, a giant, lumbering puppy – maybe…

While it might seem surprising that she is so eager to see Darrick, elephants are actually very social beings and form deep bonds with others, just like humans do. These incredible creatures have been known to show love and empathy for one another – and studies have even found that they are capable of discerning between kind humans and ones who wish to do them harm. How about that!

With this in mind, we can tell that Kham Laa must really love her human caretaker based on how quickly she sprints up to him.

Before coming to Elephant Nature Park, Kham Laa most likely spent her life in the tourism industry. Thankfully, she no longer has to live a traumatic life in captivity, now she gets to spend her days with her family and human BFFs!

Of all the creature of the world none mirrors the life term of man as the elephant. Living to the ripe old age of 70 years they mature in a very similar way as that of human beings. The main difference is actually before they are born. The mother is pregnant for just short of two years before the baby arrives.


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  1. Thank you! This was awesome....

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was there. I've loved & collected everything Elephant since I was 10. On my bucker list to visit one day.

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