Two puppies found themselves trapped in a drainpipe, and their mom could do nothing to save them. So she sat and cried for someone to help.

 Luckily, a local woman spotted the mother dog. When she walked up closer, she heard the puppies' whimpers.

With an oncoming rainstorm threatening to wash the puppies through the tunnel and into the river, the folks at the San Francisco de Asis Mercedes shelter in Uruguay knew they needed to take drastic measures.

A video captured the final moments of what ended up being a two-hour rescue mission. It appears to show two people pulling a rope, presumably with the dogs on the other end. The video reveals the extreme lengths one woman went through in order to save those pups. Upon exiting the tunnel, she stands up with a wide smile on her face, holding a blue bag.

Sometimes animals can't do it all on their own. That's why people like the team at San Francisco de Asis Mercedes are so important.


Responses to "When They Finally Got To The End Of The Rope, It Was So Worth It "

  1. Lell says:

    Wow, what a superhero! So brave

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG, sorry but I could never do that. Thank Gog there are fearless people like her. What if that rope broke? She wouldn't be able to wiggle out.

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