Video taken at an environmental education facility on Long Island. A deer outside was looking inside and copied her!

 Seeing an animal in its natural habitat is way more captivating than anything you could see in the zoo. For example, there’s a huge difference between this gorgeous video of a wild animal family and this showing of captive animals, isn’t there? We thought so!

One of the best things about seeing and studying animals in the wild is that it’s not one-sided. You really do get the feeling that they are learning as much, if not more than you are! Take this lady in this video and her new deer friend. What starts as a five-minute staring contest evolves into a full-scale game of monkey see, monkey do!

Experiences like these are great for everyone involved. The woman has a great story to share and the deer has a positive experience with humans. This just goes to show that interactions with wildlife are always best when they happen on the animal’s terms.


Responses to "Wild Deer Spots a Woman Through the Window and Copies Her Every Move"

  1. Every now and then animals like to grant us the rare privilege of seeing them as more than mere props to bolster our own egos. When our hearts are open, they grant us special audience with them as equal co-inhabitants in a wider world and broader reality than our own perceptive barriers sometimes allow. They are revealed not as students, but as teachers at that point.

  2. Unknown says:

    What is amazing about that? It was giving the danger signal and she copied it. So the deer kept repeating it because it thought the danger signal was being heard. Really, know your animal behavior.

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