According to Native actor Wes Studi, who has portrayed a plethora of historic Native American figures in films and television - his latest role as the Native American mystical character of Kaetenay is one of the most fun and refreshing roles he’s played in a long time.

 Here are 10 things you might not know about him:

1- He has 86 film credits.

2- He has played the iconic roles of Red Cloud, Wovoka, Cochise, and Geronimo.

3- He is humble and was surprised to hear he is considered the most recognized Native actor working in film today.

4- He spoke only Cherokee until he was 5 years old.

5- He got his acting start in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and because of a play called, “Black Elk Speaks” he was cast in his first television appearance in Nebraska.

6- He got his first agent through the American Indian Registry for Performing Arts and gives tribute to founders Jay Silverheels and Will Sampson.

7- His first film was the 1989 “Pow Wow Highway” and his second, in 1990, was the role of the “Toughest Pawnee” in “Dances With Wolves.”

8- In the film “Avatar,” Studi was filmed wearing a suit with points that captured his movements by digital cameras, and a helmet with an arm that swung out, while an LED light and camera filmed his facial expressions. All of his filming took place in an area the size of half a basketball court.

9- Bucket List film: He’d like to do an Italian “Spaghetti Western.” He once did a German film, in English, called “The Ice Planet.”

10- Studi’s favorite kind of work is films, though he loves it all. “I like to be real busy,” he said, and his IMBD page proves he is.

Responses to "10 Things You May Not Know About Wes Studi"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting life! I will always remember Magua-and the Kiowa warrior - strong and tough and bitter - very touching and boiling up he soul!!

  2. Unknown says:

    I love all of his work, but he will always be "Magua"...

  3. Unknown says:

    He deserved an Oscar for Magwa.

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