Animal lovers around the world often view bears as magnificent, powerful, and protective creatures. Sometimes people even get a little envious of bears and their luxurious-sounding hibernation periods during the harsh winter.

Fifi, the bear, however, was robbed of all the usual splendors life has to offer. Instead, for the first ten years of her life, Fifi, like hundreds of other bears, was forced into the entertainment industry.

This bear was kept in a roadside zoo located in Pennsylvania for the beginning of her life. However, when the zoo shut down, she was left in a sorry state. For 20 years, she was left to deteriorate in a tiny, rusted cage, where her only protection from the beating sun and harsh weather was a small concrete house within the cage.

Thankfully, in July 2015, The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescued the fragile creature and transported her to a Colorado facility, where she finally had room to run around and receive the care and love she deserved.

After just five months at the sanctuary, Fifi has made amazing strides towards recovery! She is overcoming her painful arthritic condition, becoming stronger every day, and has grown a new healthy, fur coat. This year, she will enjoy her very first hibernation, in a comfy den, the way nature intended.


Responses to "After 30 Years in Decrepit Roadside Zoo, Rescued Bear Finally Gets to Enjoy Life!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    i cant beleive such cruelty to these amazing and beautiful animals and all done by horrid nasty people and many by third world countries i am so happy to see that this bear has now got the love and care she so deserves many many thanks to the loving people that has rescued her Val Bounds in Perth Western Australia

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Third world countries"???? How about the right in the the good old US of A? and if not here, then it will be Americans doing the shooting in the third world countries where they are in need of money. Americans love to throw rocks at others while living in very thin glass houses.

  3. Vicki B says:

    Thank you so much for giving bringing this bear, and many others back to life and giving them a safe, caring place to live out their lives! Keep up the great work!!!!

  4. Margaret neary says:

    Thankyou to the humans who cared to bring Fifi to a loving home Thankyou for all you do true heroes x

  5. It is such a tragedy that our own government inspectors allow horrors such as this to go on and on. I'd be willing to bet the USDA inspector assigned to that particular area manipulated his or her records to indicate either a healthy environment and a happy bear or was completely unaware of Fifi's existence. It does seem bizarre that the situation continued for thirty years. It is good to see that she is well on her way to recovery now, of course there will be lingering problems from her past that time will not erase, but hopefully her future will be bright enough to ease those memories into the past. Thank you to all that assisted in this effort and good luck Fifi.

  6. Nalissa says:

    What a change in her fur colour alone. Thank you so much for rescuing Fifi. I think there should be a law where the people doing this to our wonderful animals, should be put in the same cages for a certain amount of days or may be months, with the same environmental conditions and lack of care and affection. People like that just think about one thing and one thing only, money $$$. They obviously do not believe that all animals have souls and feelings too. Makes me very angry (try not to be) and so very sad. But it warms my heart to know there are very good and wonderful people out there. I so wish that i had the means to do what you do. Thank you very much. Peace and Love

  7. Unknown says:

    Make me bawl my eyes out why don't you

  8. Thank you for rescuing! These roadside sleazebags should be prosecuted and imprisoned in a filthy cage so we can all go laugh at them and throw rocks at them. But I'm sure someone got paid off for allowing this to go on and continue to go on. Some people don't deserve to live.

  9. Beautiful rescue

  10. Thank you ever so much for rescuing FIFI and others like animal deserves to have to do tricks or anything elsr for the entertainment of happy that she is finally able to be a bear as nature intended...much LOVE <3 <3 <3

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