The hashtag “Boys with braids” has gone viral on social media. But it’s also becoming a movement off the web. Hundreds gathered at an event in Winnipeg to talk about boys with braids showcasing pride in their culture.

 Boys with Braids is a gathering to share teachings about the sacredness of hair, to foster a sense of pride for boys who choose to grow their hair long and using education as a means of interrupting teasing.

Who should come: boys, youth, men and elders with long hair, all future and former long-haired men and boys, friends, family, supporters, teachers, social workers, coaches, leaders and anyone else with a desire to learn.

Endorsed by Boys with Braids Saskatoon creator Michael Linklater, a father who was tired of hearing his children's experiences of teasing, bullying and harassment from other kids, teachers, coaches, salespeople, serving personnel and other adults in their children's lives.

As these were the same issues he faced as a braid-wearing boy he opted to have an educational gathering for boys with braids. Other cities are following on the success of his event including our very own Peg City.
Poster by Brett Huson.

Warren David Huson. He's 5 years old and loves singing at the drum and playing Minecraft. He has been going to sundance since birth and loves to smudge and pray for the people. Facebook


Responses to "Campaign to encourage Indigenous boys to be proud of braids goes viral"

  1. Unknown says:

    Yes! Hair is magical, totally. Why some of us got these dreads!

  2. Unknown says:

    My son, who is 1/4 Mohawk, has always preferred long hair like his father. I taught him at a young age to battle prejudice towards his hair by saying "My hair is long like the men of my tribe." He is empowered by this. Having pride in your history is beautiful and important. ♡

  3. Unknown says:

    Stay true to who you are. Embrace your braids. As your braid grows you become a man of pride.

  4. THE Cherokee METALHEAD says:

    It's your right, culture, heritage & tradition to express yourself as a Native American. My hair used to be super long past my butt. Be proud of who you are. It's NOBODY'S BUSINESS but yours and the Great Spirit.

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