These adorable images show the happy expressions of an extremely rare blonde seal cub. Despite being the odd one out, the blonde fur seal was treated as one of the gang by its fellow species.

 Its fur colour did not stop the seal rubbing noses with its mates and rolling in the grass to enjoy the sunshine. Blonde seals are extremely rare – it is believed that they make up much less than one percent of the fur seal population.

The cute images were shot by renowned wildlife photographer Roie Galitz earlier this year. Because of their appearance, it is believed blonde seals are at a greater rise of being attacked by predators, as they can stand out from the crowd.

Roie said: “I spent almost two hours next to this sweet fur seal cub. “It posed for my camera in such an adorable way that it was difficult to leave him and carry on for other photography opportunities.

“Blonde seals are extremely rare – and this was the only blonde cub in a beach full of ordinary fur seals.“You could notice that everyone were treating absolutely normally with him. “It looked like a beacon of light, standing out in the crowd.

“You couldn’t help but fall in love with this sweet little cub.”
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