A group of shelter dogs showcase their loveable personalities in a series of passport-style photographs - in the hope of finding a new home.

 The images of the dogs at the Humane Society of Utah, an American animal shelter in the city of Murray, were taken by photographer Guinnevere Shuster.

The 33-year-old, of Salt Lake City, Utah, hopes her positive photographs, which are used by the shelter to promote animal adoption, will help the dogs find new homes. She says: 'I feel that the photoshoots are a great way of displaying the animals' true personalities.

'It's a much better way of presenting them, as opposed to the image of a sad dog behind the metal bars.' In Shuster's photographs some dogs show off their teeth with a smile, while others display their cheeky side by sticking out their tongue. Shuster said: 'I absolutely love animals, so being able to combine them with photography is pretty much my dream job.

'Nothing beats the feeling of helping a dog find a forever home.'

Since beginning her project in 2014, Shuster has photographed 300 dogs at the Humane Society of Utah. Shuster, who spends 10 minutes with each dog, said: 'I have to use treats with the dogs in order to get them to sit still.

'It can get really messy at times if I use treats like peanut butter, but it's always worth it in the end. 'The dogs pull the funniest facial expressions when they're excited, which is a great way to show their character.'

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