While Toa Fraser's The Dead Lands was undoubtedly the first introduction to the traditional martial arts of the Maori people it would appear that it won't be the last. Not by a long shot.

Maori Television is currently gearing up for the premiere of their new TV series Kairakau and, like The Dead Lands, it tells a tale set in pre-colonial New Zealand driven by tribal conflict and featuring rather a lot of traditional martial arts if the freshly released trailer is any indicator.

Production values are gorgeous and the quality on all levels appears to be top notch on this one.
The KAIRÄ€KAU series is a creative depiction of the lives of tupuna who lived on the land we call Aotearoa.

Elements of historic events and oral traditions have been drawn upon and re-sequenced to create each episode. The aim of this series is to keep the stories and traditions of our past alive.

Ancient Heroes of yesteryear re-discovered, re-examined and re-imagined.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would be appropriate in these times for the rest of the world to learn about the Maori people and the old ways. Most people's knowledge stops at the Haka at the beginning of a Rugby match! TV and Film media if used intelligently can be a great teaching tool for the world.

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