Northern Inuit dogs look so much like wolves they were cast as Direwolves on the set of the HBO series Game of Thrones.

The original dogs used to create this breed were wolf-dog hybrids that were bred by Inuit people. These original dogs were then mixed with German Shepherds, Malamutes and Siberian Huskies.

Technically, there was some wolf in these dogs back in the early 1980’s but no wolf blood has been added since.

They are considered domestic dogs and bred like any other purebred dogs, although they are not a registered breed yet. These are medium-sized wolf lookalikes that grow to a height of 23 to 30 inches.

The Northern Inuit dog is not for the novice owner as they can be very stubborn and are very quick-witted. The owner of a Northern Inuit must show themselves to be a strong leader or be prepared to be the underdog, and be taken advantage of.


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