Just a few weeks ago, poor pit bull Kobe was stuck in a Maryland shelter. He was in bad shape having been terribly mistreated by his previous owners for years on end.

 But almost overnight, everything's changed for the better. And now Kobe has now been given a new home with his foster parents, Sean and Jade, he can't seem to stop smiling.

The couple from Maryland found him through Baltimore Bully Crew adoption and have showered the playful pitbull with nothing but plenty of love and affection. The pair have been giving him lots of delicious doggy treats and toys to show him that he never has to worry about being abused again.

It's clear that Kobe loves his new home very much and he appears to be grinning from ear to ear. ‘He gives that face whenever he sits down with you,’ Sean told Barkpost.

‘Since he has been getting used to receiving lots of love and food, it seems like he is smiling more often.’ In a few months, Kobe will be ready to go up for adoption and find a forever home.

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With a smile like that, it doesn't seem as though there'll be any shortage of potential owners.

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