Incredibly adorable brown bear cubs learn to climb trees like champions as mother bear shows them how it’s done.

 Contrary to what many people think, it’s not only black bears that can climb trees. Brown bears and grizzly bears can scramble up a tree too.

Brown bears dig dens for winter hibernation, often holing up in a suitable hillside. Females, or she-bears, den while pregnant and give birth during this winter rest, usually to a pair of cubs. Brown bear cubs nurse on their mother's milk until spring and stay with her for some two and a half years—so females only reproduce once every three years.

Brown Bears are found in many parts of North America and Eurasia, where the bears inhabit wooded and mountainous areas. The brown bear is also the national animal for a number of states in North America, Europe and Asia.

There are thought to be around 200,000 brown bear individuals left in the wild over half of which are found in Russia. Around 95% of the brown bear population found in the USA is in the northernmost state of Alaska. Most of the brown bears that inhabit regions of Canada are found in the west of the country in the Rocky Mountain range.

Bear Cubs Climb a Tree for the First Time
Throwback Thursday to when these baby brown bears learned how to climb a tree.
Posted by Nat Geo Wild on Thursday, July 16, 2015

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