An adorable Florida bear survived a brush fire this week. Lake County Fire Rescue wrote on Facebook Thursday that: 'A baby bear suffered slight burns to its paws and face during this afternoon's 250+ acre wildfire in the Royal Trails section of Lake County.

'Residents brought it out from the woods to the safety of LCFR firefighters. 'The FWC [Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission] has been called to evaluate the cub.'

The youngster is now known as 'Smokey Junior.' On Twitter, Lake County Fire Rescue said that '"Smokey Junior" is between 15-20 lbs.

'No sign of Mama Bear.'

Forest area supervisor Ray Lovett recalled to Click Orlando: 'He comes walking out of the woods whining, just down here at the end of the road.' Lovett told the TV station: 'His hair has been singed.

'He's got some minor burns, looks like, on the bottom of his feet, maybe his lips, but he's certainly survivable if cared for.'

On Friday, Lake County Fire Rescue said on Facebook: 'Per FWC: Smokey Junior was taken to a veterinarian yesterday and is under their care.


UPDATE! Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it may have found the mother of this bear cub that was rescued from a 285-acre brush fire in Lake County. Here's more about the cub named 'Smokey Junior':
Posted by WFTV Channel 9 on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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